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    Your next project is very close to your heart. You want to work on it with someone you trust beyond any doubt. The engineers at Cinder Sound are techno gods who have worked with hundreds of clients in all genres, from nationally touring acts to first timers. Regardless of who you are, you’ll get the best product possible. Clients include Yonder Mountain String Band, Chris Daniels, Gasoline Lollipops, Monocle Band, and Thunder & Rain.


    Your project is an expression of who you are right now … not the you you were a year ago, not the you that sounds like someone else. You want to work with someone who knows how to bring out the best you possible, someone who you can trust to understand you and your songs, who can guide you through your one-of-a-kind project to a product you absolutely love. Ask around … there is no one better at this than John McVey.


    When you walk into the studio where you’ll be working - whether it’s for a few days or several months - you want to walk into a place that’s clean, well appointed, with top-of-the-line gear, that’s easy on the eyes as well as the ears … a place that feels good to be in. That’s Cinder Sound. And there’s always a great cup of coffee, tea or a cold drink, an endless supply of peanut-butter pretzels, a great place to hang when you break for a bite, a magnificent garden, nearby walking paths with fabulous mountain views, on and on …


    Ultimately, you want your product to be amazing. When you put it into someone’s hand, or send someone a link, you want to do it with complete confidence that it is the best it can be.

    You want MAGIC, within your budget, on your timeline.

                              Cinder Sound is the place to get it all.


    “We were trying to do something that was outside the box and our own genre.

    John didn’t try to change that. He saw us as we were and helped us be better. “

    - Erinn Pete Lukes, Thunder & Rain

    John McVey

    Owner and Chief Producer/Engineer

    John is a musician’s musician, a songwriter’s songwriter, and a force in the studio.

    An award winning singer songwriter in his own right, he left the touring life to be a studio musician. The more time he spent in recording studios, the more he loved it. The more he learned, the more he discovered his passion for producing. 


    He has studied what makes songs work, what makes sound exciting, how sounds mix together to express emotion. Having been on the business end of a microphone, he understands how to get your best possible performance. And he speaks ‘musician’, so he can get the best parts from whoever plays on your project. With more than twenty years and hundreds of projects worth of experience, he knows how to make an artist’s vision a reality. He loves nothing better than helping songs grow to their full potential.

    Ethan Fang


    A keyboard wizard and singer songwriter, Ethan made the jump to Studio Engineer while getting his BA in Sound Recording Technology at DePaul University in Chicago. He recorded a ton there, earned some bones recording local bands and school ensembles. When he came to Colorado and worked with John McVey at Coupe Studios, he was already a talented engineer. Now, with many more projects under his belt, with a keen ear and a talent for translating ideas into music, he brings a fresh and positive energy to Cinder Sound, and to your project!

    Chris Wright


    Chris is a musician first and foremost! He's an excellent drummer, which gives him a deep rooted feel for music. But he's a multi-instrumentalist, which gives him an understanding of many layers of production. He loves collaborative creativity and digging for tones and progressions that don't sound like anything else.

    When he decided to become an engineer/producer, he chased that down with the same passion with which he learned to play. He has a BA in Audio Production from the Art Institute of Colorado. He's worked post production, movies, commercials, podcasts, and a ton of music projects. And he has a special flare for pairing music with picture.

    Chris has a deep love of production. He's also a super nice guy and great to work with!


    "It was an absolutely extremely fun process. " - Adam Aijala, Yonder Mountain String Band